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Having circled around Uruguay, first along its coast and recently through the northern inland, we arrived back in Montevideo yesterday. We’ll relax here for a few days before moving on to the cities close to the border and eventually crossing over to Argentina.

So far has our journey been very pleasant as Uruguay is a friendly, social and relaxed country. Though Internet connections and computer hardware leaves a little to be desired.

However, there is one recurring theme.. Whenever I eat something, there’s an animal who wants my food! Not in an obtrusive or aggressive way though, more like “hey, I’m going to keep you company for a while and you could accidentally drop something on the floor maybe“.

This charming pooch in Punta del Diablo was later joined by two of his friends.

This cat had a staring contest with the chicken milanesa in Valle Edén (and there was also a dog under the table)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that we went to Brazil a couple of times. We spent a night in Chuí, which is across the street from the Uruguayan city of Chuy.

On the left side Chuy, Uruguay, and on the right side Chuí, Brazil. Everything in these twin cities was pressed up against the border.

I must say it took us a while to adjust ourselves to the new reality of traveling. Being on the route is not easy, and money goes out quickly and none comes in. That is a fact, but after living a programmers luxurious life in comfy and clean Sweden, it takes a while to realize it. There are two things that are of main concern to a traveler, sleep and food, and they better be cheap! The fun thing is that at least one has to use ones creativity, I thought that rise cakes and tuna was a great idea.

Another aspect of eating is of course, to be able to eat with dignity, but I guess we will have to compromise with that too for a while.

Probably the third mayor concern of a traveler (could be the fourth depending on how much fun you are having), is the bathroom, to be able to go, do your thing, clean yourself, and of course, not die while trying.