Around The World In Two Hundred And Fifty Eight Days

Posted: November 14, 2010 by minimal in Preparations, Travel
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As a child I often dreamt of becoming a great explorer that would travel the world and learn everything there was to learn, hear all the stories that were ever told and see everything. This is how that dream becomes reality. Sure we aren’t exactly Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout, but I’m sure our adventures will be as exciting. We decided to try to take it easy, 80 days chased by a cop would just be too hectic, so what about 258 days?

It took us some years to get here. When Johan and I met, we started planning our first trip to Japan. I was delighted, since I loved traveling and thought I had finally met my match, little did I know that Johan was a rookie in the hard and dangerous life of traveling. Soon it turned out that a little naivety and good faith in people was exactly what a paranoid control freak like myself needed. A better traveling duo is hard to find. Things went wonderfully, even though we followed a group of complete strangers to a desolate parking lot for a photo shoot, we didn’t get robbed, it was an actual photo shoot. And they even gave us two beers.

In a beautiful lily park in Tokyo we got engaged, I don’t know if it was the flowers or that we might have been lost in translation. The idea was to get married and travel around the world as our honeymoon trip, three years later here we are.

We want to thank everybody that contributed to this trip, it is the best wedding gift ever.

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